# Variables

Available since : 2.7.0

Variables allow to store values that can be used at multiple places in the Ecosystem.

For instance, if I have the URL of an annotation-skill, used from more than one workflow or Labs project, that URL value can be stored in a variable, and then shared among multiple consumers.

Moreover, if we have values that cannot be known by their consumers (like a password of a Neo4j instance), those variables can also be encrypted.

To create a variable, head to the Ecosystem section -> Variables. Here you can make the choice to create a new variable or edit an existing one (and delete it, if no more needed).


Once defined, a variable can be used as config parameter of any resource: it's enough to use the variable name instead of the value, just prepending it with a double $ sign as prefix.

As an example, the password in the screenshot above can be used in the definition of a Resource as it follows:


As you can see, the $$ is the prefix that identifies a variable, while neo4j-password is the name of the variable above defined.