# Release Notes

# 2.9.11

  • Blobstorage service version upgrade - Minio Patch

# 2.9.10

  • Visualisation library license upgrade

# 2.9.9

  • Update Log4j to 2.15.0 to address exploit CVE-2021-44228

# 2.10-RC

# Visualisation

# New Features

  • Sharing: Ability to share snapshots with other users. Owners of a snapshot can share their work with other users by generating a share link. Users opening the link will be granted access to the snapshot and the data of it ( nodes, relationships, comments, ..). The snapshot owner can see who accessed the snapshot and revoke access individually. Recipients of a link need to be granted access to the Knowledge Graph itself.

  • Comments: Ability to add comments on nodes and relationships either in visualisations or snapshots.

  • Actions:

    • Ability to pass the canvas elements into action Cypher parameters.

    For eg : the following action can retrieve from Neo4j ONLY the nodes that are on the canvas.

    MATCH (n)
    WHERE id(n) IN $_canvas.nodeIds
    // do something with n
    • Favorite Actions: Ability to add most frequently used actions to the right click context menu
    • Auto-refreshable actions: It is now possible to run actions automatically on time interval, the graph will be automatically updated. Styles can be combined to visually indicate a data change upon refresh.
    • Actions descriptions: Actions now have a description field allowing creators to add explanations (markdown is supported), images and links.
  • Grouping has been moved out of the experimental stage and is now general available.

    • Stabilised feature
    • Complex grouping strategies with AND/OR conditions
    • Grouping can be disabled in the Knowledge Graph settings.
  • Geospatial Analysis has been moved out of the experimental stage and is now general available. Notable stabilisations :

    • layers
    • layers visible in snapshots
    • map cursor actions
    • Geospatial Analysis can be disabled in the Knowledge Graph settings.
  • Temporal Analysis has been moved out of the experimental stage and is now general available. Notable stabilisations :

    • UTC conversion support
    • Temporal Analysis can be disabled in the Knowledge Graph settings.
  • Styles Badges now support Values and Icons for Nodes and Relationships

    • Ability to add a value inside a badge for styling nodes and relationships.
    • Ability to add an icon as badge for styling nodes and relationships.
  • Multi-Resource improvements: Nodes and Relationships ids are now aware of the resource they come from, which means there is no clash in case two nodes with the same id coming from a different graph database are displayed simultaneously on the canvas.

  • Temporary Visualisations It is now possible to create a temporary visualisation from a link (url). This enables the sharing of Visualisations without the need for existing visualisations. An action can also be specified in the temporary visualisation so it will run automatically when the visualisation is created. Temporary visualisations are deleted automatically every 48 hours unless they are saved.

  • Fixes

    • Managed Nodes and Relationships coming from different resources can now be displayed.
    • Chart actions with empty data can now be visualised.
    • Numerous fixes for virtual relationships.

# Orchestra

  • Automatic Layout when importing a workflow without component coordinates. When importing a workflow without component coordinates, the UI will now apply automatically a layout to position components on the screen. This is espcecially useful when generating workflows or writing workflows manually.

  • Neo4j Stream Reader ( Experimental ) When reading large amounts of data from Neo4j, the reader now streams the results and keeps constant usage of memory.

  • MongoDb Resource ( Experimental ) New connector for MongoDB

  • XML Processor ( Experimental ) New XML Processor

  • JDBC Writer ( Experimental ) Ability to write data to JDBC. Considered experimental until batch writing feature is complete.

  • Google Cloud Storage Connector ( Read ) ( Experimental ) Connector for Google Cloud Storage

  • Amazon S3 File Reader Ability to keep track of the S3 object key in further components in the workflow

  • Fixes

    • Issue with delete schedule dialog showing wrong schedule index
    • Issue where the FileReader component would always read the same batch of 2000 files
    • Fixes issue with the SplitProcessor and null values in objects

# Alerting

  • Events list can now be filtered Filters on alert, pattern, change type and time range.

  • Events: in event details, data changes that include graph data are now displayed as a graph.

  • Neo4j based security filtering Event details visibility is filtered by the Perspective. If the Perspective uses a Neo4j SSO Resource, the permissions of the user in Neo4j will be used to further restrict the visibility of some of the elements.

  • Search within collections It is now possible to search for nodes inside a collection.

  • Misc

    • Improved executions reports

# System

  • Improvements:

    • You can now search for users when using native security.
  • Fixes:

    • Fixed error message when trying to create a role with an already existing role name.


If you upgrade from a version below 2.9.4, you will need to update the mapped port of the web service, from 80 to 8081, for example the following compose section :

      - "${HUME_FRONT_PORT:-8081}:80"

will need to be changed to :

      - "${HUME_FRONT_PORT:-8081}:8081"

# 2.9.8

  • Fixed an issue where virtual relationships between same class nodes did respect direction did not bring in all data
  • Fixed an issue with virtual relationships not being reset after a perspective re-sync with schema
  • Fixed an issue where chart actions displayed an empty dialog when no data was returned
  • Added the ability to enable only the grouping feature, without all other experimental features
  • Fixed performance issues with IdleWatcher in Orchestra

# 2.9.7

# Critical Issue with Edge 93.0.961.38

On Windows with Edge 93.0.961.38 with Hardware Acceleration disabled, Keylines is falling to webgl when it shouldn't.

A new admin setting has been implemented to be able to force the rendering mode of visualisations.

Users of Edge on that version, with HW acceleration disabled are advised to change the mode to canvas

# Other fixes

  • Fixed an issue with deleting resource when there is a badly formatted action in the database.
  • Fixed an issue where visualisation could not load when contains a badly formatted action.
  • Fixed an issue where search and expand are unusable due to syntax error in computed action.
  • Fixed a performance issue with non synced perspective.
  • Fixed an issue in order to refresh canvas when computed attributes are updated.
  • Fixed an issue where overriding active state of promoted strategy fails in new visualisations.

# 2.9.6

  • Fixed an issue with loading badly formatted actions in the non-docker 2.9.5 release
  • Fixed an issue where expanding the CypherQuery component in Orchestra would not show all the lines

# 2.9.5

# Ecosystem Resources blocked

Fixed an issue with non-well formatted actions causing the resources page not being able to load.

# 2.9.4

# Security Fixes

Upgrade all container processes to run as non-root user. This affects only installations that run on docker.


You will need to update the mapped port of the web service, from 80 to 8081, for example the following compose section :

      - "${HUME_FRONT_PORT:-8081}:80"

will need to be changed to :

      - "${HUME_FRONT_PORT:-8081}:8081"


Change Password link fix

When using SSO and a Keycloak version > 10, the link to the change password from Hume to Keycloak was broken due to changes in the Keycloak URL scheme. This is now fixed and Hume redirects to the User account page.

# 2.9.3

# Security Fixes

Secure variable fix In some conditions, the value of an encrypted variable could have been reverted to its plain form, causing the decryption of it to fail and thus break workflows and visualisations using a variable.

Virtual Relationship visibility fix Marking a virtual relationship as hidden in the Perspective didn't reflect in the schema loaded during visualisations.

# Orchestra

Two Neo4j Writers inline fix When having two Neo4j writers inline with stream records disabled on both, the second writer was not overwriting the _records field on the outgoing message, causing further components to read the data from the first writer result.

# 2.9.2

# Starter Pack

  • A new docker-compose file, named as docker-compose-alerting.yml, has been added in order to independently spin up Alerting components. To run alerting, you need to follow these steps:
    1. head to the hume-2.9.2 directory and run docker-compose -f docker-compose-alerting.yml up -d
    2. edit the .env file and enable alerting features by setting HUME_ALERTING_ENABlED=true
    3. If you have already spun up the core components, just run docker-compose up -d api, otherwise docker-compose up -d

# Fixes

  • Orchestra: Fixed problem with renaming a running workflow, previously the workflow appeared as "stopped"
  • Visualisation: It is no longer possible to create a visualisation with a perspective that uses a resource for which the user doesn't have permissions
  • Virtual Relationships: Fixed collision on Virtual Relationships
  • Virtual Relationships: Fixed wrong direction on Virtual Relationships
  • Virtual Relationships: Fixed issue with computed attributed that skipped virtual relationships when "ANY RELATIONSHIP" was set on the inclusion
  • API: Fixed form validations not working on some requests to API
  • Security: Fixed issue where managers of a specific Knowledge Graph could not edit Alerts, Patterns and Collections if they were not the owner of the object.

# 2.9.1

# Fixes

  • Visualisation limits: the number of nodes returned in visualisation are now correctly capped.
  • Visualisation: Fixed problem about returning more than once the same nodes/keys in a visualisation.
  • Orchestra: fixed error that appeared when Neo4jReader was returning a multilevel map.
  • Alerting: fixed issue with alert execution for Alerts using Patterns with corrected Cypher queries.

# Improvements

  • Improved display of skipped items in alert execution list.
  • Optimised the collections list showed when creating an alert.

# 2.9.0

# New Features

  • Alerting : Ability to monitor changes in the graph and receive notifications, see documentation here
  • Ability to specify a resource for actions that is different than the perspective resource.
  • Major visualisation performance improvements
  • Support for node, relationship, path, point and date types in Orchestra workflows
  • Geospatial is now in Experimental mode

# Fixes

  • Fix snapshot creation failure when neo4j statistics time out
  • Performance fix for JDBC reader
  • Fixed typo in "delete visualisation" warning message
  • Fixed actions search not searching on labels
  • Fixed JsonWrite not filtering out data resources (Orchestra)
  • Fixed exception message being wrapped and not readable when cause is too long (Orchestra)

# 2.8.0

# Schema, Visualisation and Perspectives

  • New Feature : Visualisation Snapshots
  • Improvements to Combo groups layouts
  • Improvements to Autolink behaviour
  • Added new setting for enabling/disabling value attribute urls to be clickable
  • Improvements to style synchronisation on schema changes
  • Proper support for optional values in actions
  • Last selected layout in a visualisation is now used as default for next actions
  • Fix : shortcuts not working after action run
  • Undo steps are now persisted and withstand application restarts
  • Fix : Fine Grained Search not returning statistics

# Orchestra

  • Improvements to webhook and failure handling

# Packaging

  • Removed implicit dependency of the mysql-driver in all packages

This release contains all of the items from alpha1 and alpha2 releases.

# 2.8.0-alpha2 (March 30, 2021)

# Schema, Visualisation and Perspectives

  • New Feature : Virtual Relationships
  • New Feature : Ability to run a global action from url parameters
  • New Clear canvas before returning results option for Global Actions
  • New List flag on Schema attributes for collections support in the visualisation features
  • Improvements to the SearchResult attribute ordering
  • Improvement : Automatically apply last selected layout after expansions
  • Experimental Timebar Widget configurations are now persisted in the database per visualisation
  • Number Types normalisation, NUMBER is now deprecated and will be removed in 3.0, use INTEGER or FLOAT
  • Better Actions side panel
  • Style Rules order is now configurable
  • Fixed inner nodes count on combos
  • Fixed Multiselection Actions not showing up when only a single element is selected
  • Fixed HEX Code colour selection in Schema editor
  • Fixed Perspective resource picker filtering
  • Fixed animated badge option not selectable for boolean values

# Orchestra

  • New Feature : Webhooks
  • Improved MessageTransformer performance
  • Added option for enabling HTML on the Email component
  • Fixed possible internal error messages when stub queue is full ( if you received such messages, they can be discarded)
  • Fixed Generic HTTP Enricher ignoring http verb when multipart is enabled

# Ecosystem

  • New Feature : Webhook Server to be used in conjunction with Orchestra Webhook components
  • Role Based Access Control applied to Ecosystem Variables


  • Fixed Textrank request crashing when text is composed only of underscores

# 2.8.0-alpha1 (March 03, 2021)

# Knowledge Graphs

  • Schema classes, relationships and attributes are now referenced with a uniqueName rather than by uuid. The benefit of this change is that re-importing a schema with the same labels will not make links, edges or attributes disappear in visualisations. Styles and actions are also capable of detecting label renaming of classes and relationships and their attribute and will not break during re-import of the schema. Actions can now select all the relationships ( before it was unique per type ).

# Visualisation

  • Ability to return states for nodes or links so they can be removed, pinged, highlighted or selected.

# Orchestra

  • Ability to duplicate a workflow
  • Fixed issue with scheduler, auto-start and workflows having a stop component

# Ecosystem

  • Resources pagination
  • Skills pagination
  • Variable picker in Resource and Skill configuration

# System

  • Better warning log during installation when the licence key is not installed yet

# 2.7.0

# Highlights

  • Usage Metrics
  • Fine-Grained Search
  • Experimental : Nodes Grouping (combos)
  • Redesigned Visualisation Controls
  • Workflow Scheduling
  • Search Relevance
  • Configurable Node Double-Click behaviour
  • Relationships Styling
  • Performance improvements in some Orchestra components
  • Variables Management and Encryption

# Ecosystem

  • New Variables Ecosystem area to be used for treating variables such as passwords, urls, .. as their own reusable entities.

# Security

  • Added capability to encrypt variable values with an AES256 algorithm configured in the keystore

# Schema Editor

  • Ability to apply a layout algorithm when an imported schema does not hold classes positions

# Visualisation

  • New Side panel and attributes display
  • New Toolbar
  • Computed Attributes
  • Ability to disable the search as you type
  • Ability to disable completely the Schema View
  • New selection controls with keyboard shortcuts
  • Misceallaneous fixes for search
  • Retired icons ( see section below )
  • Pass start and end node ids for selected relationships in Actions
  • Configurable ordering for style rules
  • Relationships styling
  • The Hume principal is now passed to action resolvers
  • Computed Attributes on Relationships
  • Lazy loaded Attributes are displayed only when viewing node/relationship details
  • Support for managed relationships
  • Computed Attributes actions

Check the details about the UX updates.

# System

  • New Administration panel for System configuration
  • Usage Metrics

# Knowledge Graphs

  • Fixed issue where all workflows were exported instead of the selected ones
  • Fixed issue where deleting a Knowledge Graph was throwing an exception due to existing search relevance data (Foreign Key constrain exception)

# Retired Icons

The icons library was updated. There are over 1500 new icons available now.

However, some icons were retired as well (178 icons). If you were using some of them in Hume 2.6* they will disappear in Hume 2.7* and you would have to pick new ones. Do not worry, in most cases the icons were only renamed or there is a good replacement.

Check the full list of retired icons.

# Orchestra

  • Workflow Scheduling capability
  • Prevent non alphanumeric characters in workflow names
  • Ability to configure the temporary directory used by Orchestra
  • Azure Blobstorage Writer
  • JDBC DataSource now fetches records in batches, preventing Orchestra to run out of memory
  • Support for decryption of credentials via keystore
  • Added option for clearing the temporary directory of the S3 DataSource
  • File suffix filter in S3 DataSource is now case insensitive
  • Added support for Monitoring Orchestra workflows with Prometheus and Grafan
  • Configurable Retry options for Neo4j Writer
  • New Neo4j Reader component
  • Failure Handler is now correctly configured when importing an Orchestra workflow
  • Fixed Parallel processing on JsonProcessor not streaming
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements

# 2.6.1

This is a patch release and contain the following bug fixes :

  • [Visualisation] Preview actions were not skipping relationships unknown from the perspective
  • [Visualisation] Fixed an issue where the SELECT_ASYNC action input parameter would not display reactive results
  • [Labs] Additional options during skill creation in order to avoid the skill to override custom entities

# 2.6.0

# Visualisation

  • New Selection options with keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed statistics on self relationships
  • Magic nodes can be returned from Actions

# Knowledge Graphs

  • Fixed Schema import not including searchable flags
  • Import / Export of Perspectives
  • Fixed Knowledge Graph sorting issue
  • New color picker in schema editor

# Orchestra

  • Handle continuous polling of erroneous RSS feeds
  • Timestamps in Error Messages
  • Handle autorestart of workflows
  • Fixed issue in WebdataParser
  • Message Transformer is not experimental anymore

# Labs

# New Labs 2.0 !

  • Create a model from a Labs Project version with a single click
  • Use different skills for annotation tasks
  • Create dictionary based skills directly from the Type System
  • Labs Permissions are now handled with Hume's RBAC capability

# Security

  • Ability to secure the Orchestra components making use of the Python Scripting Engine

# Starter Pack

The starter installation package now contains the following additions :

  • Hume's NLP engine
  • Hume's Keyword Extraction engine
  • Minio blobstore

# 2.6.0-RC4

  • [Orchestra] New Component : CSV File Writer
  • [Visualisation] Search in visualisation canvas
  • [Visualisation] Multi-word search queries are automatically appended for wildcard search on any token
  • [Visualisation] Performance fix for search queries with trailing space
  • [Orchestra] Enhance Usabibility of the Message Transformer and Cypher components in Orchestra
  • [Visualisation] Scrollable context menu

# 2.6.0-RC3

  • [Visualization] Import/Export knowledge graph items (schema, workflows, actions, styles)
  • [Visualization] Perspectives in knowledge graphs
  • [Visualization] Preview action type with results groupings
  • [Visualization] Extend input parameter types - JSON, STRING_ARRAY, TEXT
  • [Visualization] More readable JSON viewer, copy-to-clipboard button
  • [Knowledge Graphs] Table action type with html support and csv, excel export
  • [Knowledge Graphs] Undo in visualisation of KG
  • [Visualization] Ecosystem - workflow links include knowledge graph name
  • [Visualization] Clear schema with a single button
  • [Visualization] Streamline the license upload flow - first login, then update license
  • [License] Fixed impossibility to update the license when Keycloak is enabled
  • [Visualization] Fix search bar clearing too eagerly

# 2.6.0-RC2

  • [Visualisation] GroupBy functions for Preview actions
  • [Visualisation] Clean Canvas "remember me" is now bound to a KG instead of the whole platform
  • [Visualisation] New Feature : Perspectives
  • [Visualisation] Ability to return collections of nodes, relationships, paths from Actions
  • [Knowledge Graphs] Import/Export of Actions, Styles and Schema
  • [Orchestra] Read-Only option on Neo4j Resource
  • [Orchestra] Fixed Split Processor
  • [Orchestra] New Aggregator Component

# 2.6.0-RC1

  • [Visualisation] New Preview Return Type for Actions
  • [Orchestra] Fixed additional _original property set when using the enricher
  • [Orchestra] Allow Enricher, Annotation and Keyword Extraction components to produce parallel requests
  • [Orchestra] Allow to retrieve original filename when iterating files from AWS S3
  • [Orchestra] New Component : Idle Watcher that will trigger events when there is no incoming messages for a defined time period
  • [Orchestra] New Component : Stop that allows to stop a workflow when it receives a message
  • [Orchestra] Miscellaneous improvements to the RELEX component
  • [Orchestra] Support for Minio as resource

# 2.5.0

  • [Visualisation] improve statistics relationships between same entity classes
  • [Visualisation] configurable warnings before critical visualisation actions such as clean canvas
  • [Visualisation] configurable tresholds for per operation and total canvas elements limits
  • [Visualisation] support for virtual elements on the canvas
  • [Actions] support for logged in username parameter in Action queries
  • [Actions] support for vElements info in Action parameters
  • [Orchestra] Support for Minio as Resource
  • [Orchestra] better support for Json Files

# 2.5.0-RC3

  • [Visualisation] fixed issue where wrong stats were returned on nodes
  • [Visualisation] fixed issue where expanding a relationship was not taking direction into account
  • [Visualisation] fixed relationship ids given as list of strings instead of list of longs when injecting them as collection is Knowledge Graph Action
  • [Web] Knowledge Graph Settings
  • [Orchestra] JDBC component now supports injected sql driver jars
  • [Orchestra] Fixed GenericHttpEnricher not taking files from the right location in multipart upload
  • [Orchestra] Email component

# 2.5.0-RC2

  • [Orchestra] Batch Processor Component
  • [Orchestra] Split Processor Component
  • [Orchestra] Generic File Processor Component
  • [Orchestra] Workflow Log Events
  • [Orchestra] Fixed EntityExtraction Skill failure handling message
  • [Orchestra] Message Transformer has now access to headers
  • [Orchestra] JsonFileWriter Component
  • [Orchestra] S3 File Writer Component
  • [Web] Fixed issue where selection mode is switched on implicitly
  • [Web] Manager Permission Group can now set default style for visualisations
  • [Web] Visualisation : Going back to Schema View refreshes statistics
  • [RBAC] Custom Permission Groups
  • [RBAC] Only Administrators can now access Labs

# 2.5.0-RC1


  • [Orchestra] CSV headers with quotes are handled correctly
  • [Orchestra] Kafka Producer Component
  • [Orchestra] Failure Handler Component
  • [Orchestra] MessageTransformer Component (Experimental)
  • [Orchestra] Purge Component
  • [Orchestra] Fixed multicasting
  • [Orchestra] Support for headers in HttpEnricher
  • [DataScience] Rule based entity relation extraction (Experimental)
  • [RBAC] Role composition
  • [Web] Knowledge Graph Settings panel


  • [Web] Fixed Cypher component editable while workflow is running

New Settings

  • [API] Introduce hume.drivers.neo4j.transaction.timeout to prevent long transactions in visualisations
  • [API] Introduce hume.orchestra.experimental.enabled setting to enable Orchestra experimental components

Security Fixes

  • [API] Fixed vulnerability where a Neo4j resource password was leaked in the network call to list resources available to use in visualisations
  • [API] Fixed vulnerability where the KG search was not filtering KG's based on user permissions


  • Changed the docker-compose started to use named volumes, fixing directory permission issues on Windows
  • Fixed comment in .env file where data dir was used instead of public directory
  • Added HUME_EXPERIMENTAL_ENABLED setting in .env file

# 2.3.0


  • Fixed inconsistent list ordering in list views
  • Fixed Schema import not importing correctly relationships with same type
  • Schema can now be applied to a Resource under Schema > Index Management

# Orchestra

  • Filter Component
  • Observer Component
  • Files in FileReader are not moved by default
  • Exposed pattern expression on FileReader component
  • All components with output capability use multicast
  • Workflow import and export
  • Fixed OptimisticLockingException when editing the workflow
  • Added the ability to disable storing the message body in metrics

# Visualisation

  • Fixed search result div position after closing sidebar
  • Fixed default search query not handling proximity search
  • Users can now search with Lucene query syntax
  • Fixed NPE thrown when an action return nodes with no labels
  • Fixed relationshipId not used in action

# Experimental

# Core
  • Role Based Access Control
# Orchestra
  • Kafka DataSource component
  • Doc2Vec Skill
  • Entity Relation Extraction Skill
  • DryRun mode