# Upgrading Hume

# Note on retro-compatibility

Hume is following semver as much as possible. Semver has the following versioning scheme :

major.minor.patch eg : 2.9.8

We guarantee backwards compatibility in minor releases except when security patches require breaking changes.

The following actions are to be performed when upgrading Hume on Docker.

# Perform backup of Postgres

Follow the backup instructions (opens new window) from the Operations manual before any upgrade.

Note that your installation might have automated backups ( for eg a backup.sh script ) that has been created by our professional services team.

# Check the release notes

Check the release notes (opens new window) to look for updates to perform

# Update the Hume version

Locate your .env file and update the value of the Hume version you want to upgrade to:

# The version of Hume this package refers to

# Restart the services

You will need to restart services, either with a dedicated script or running docker-compose up -d in the same directory as where the Hume docker-compose.yml file is.

# Clear caches

Frontend UI changes might require browser cache clearings, perform CMD+R a couple of times when navigating Hume.