# Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts provide a quick and efficient way of navigating through the visualistion and performing common operations.

Keyboard Shortcut Operation Description
c Center graph Centers the graph in the canvas
/ Focus on search Opens and focuses the search panel
UP/DOWN/RIGHT/LEFT Move nodes Moves the selected nodes on the canvas
DEL/BACKSPACE Remove items Removes the selected items from the canvas
l Run layout Runs the last selected layout
s Schema overview Displays the schema of the current visualisation
Cmd/Ctrl + a Select all Selects all nodes and relationships on the canvas
Cmd/Ctrl + k Select same class Selects all nodes of the same class as the current selection
Cmd/Ctrl + i Invert selection Selects all nodes that are not part of the current selection
Cmd/Ctrl + j Select leaf nodes Selects leaf nodes from the graph or the current selection (a leaf node has only one link, inbound)
Cmd/Ctrl + o Select isolated nodes Selects isolated nodes from the graph or the current selection
Cmd/Ctrl + UP Grow selection Selects the immediate neighbours of the current selection
Cmd/Ctrl + DOWN Shrink selection Shrinks the current selection by deselecting leaf nodes (not considering link direction)
Cmd/Ctrl + x Clear graph Removes all items from the canvas