# Temporary Visualisations

** SINCE : Hume 2.10 **

In some circumstances, you might want to programatically create a visualisation so it is transparent to the user. You can do this by constructing the explore url in the form of :


For eg:


Landing to this url will automatically create a Temporary visualisation for the user and redirect the user to it which means that the user will be able to retrieve the visualisation from the url, however the visualisation will not appear in the list of visualisations for the user.

The perspectiveUuid value is optional, when not provided the following logic is used to determine which perspective to use :

  • find the perspectives the user has access to
  • if any of the above is marked as default then use it, otherwise pick the first perspective

Similarly, you might want that an action is automatically triggered when landing in the visualisation itself, you can append the following information to the url :

  • actionName (required) : the name of the action ( not the label ), alternatively you can use the action uuid with actionUuid
  • actionParam_XYZ (optional) : parameter named XYZ



It is also possible to specify the initial view of the temporary visualisation. The view parameter is optional and accepts values GRAPH|SCHEMA|MAP. Default value is GRAPH so in case you do not set any actionUuid, you will land at an empty canvas.